Green Rameswaram - An Initiative by VK Nardep to Make Rameswaram Clean and Green

All these books have been published as part of 'Green Rameshwaram' and also as part of the WaSH initiative of UNICEF.

Bio-diversity in Rameshwaram: an Introduction

The book 'Bio-diversity in Rameshwaram: an Introduction' is part of the ‘Green Rameshwaram’ project as well as the WaSH initiative of UNICEF. It provides an overall insight into the concept of bio-diversity and how it is very important to the Gulf of Mannar region. The fact that the real wellbeing and development of the society in a region is organically related to the healthy bio-diversity of the region cannot be overemphasized. Rameshwaram island being situated in the Gulf of Mannar bio-diversity hot-spot can exert human-activity based influence on the Gulf of Mannar bio-diversity. The extent of awareness about the region’s bio-diversity and its relation to the livelihood and safety of this ancient town will make the influence that much positive for the posterity of human beings as well as other inhabitants of the planet. So we hope this will provide instil that awareness in the reader.

Rain Water Harvesting

The book 'Rain Water Harvesting' is part of the ‘Green Rameshwaram’ project as well asthe WaSH initiative of UNICEF. It provides an insight into the science and technology of roof water harvesting. The book explores the various aspects ofrain water harvesting in both rural and urban environment. A variety of rain water harvesting and collecting technologies are studied. The book shows how every individual household in the island can be converted into water harvesting structure and used to improve the collective ground water.

Let us safeguard hygiene (Tamil)

The book 'Let us safeguard hygiene' (Tamil) is part of the 'Green Rameshwaram' programme and aims to provide basic guidelines to safeguard hygiene at the personal level, domestic level and community level. It is lucidly illustrated and is meant both as user's and teacher's manual to learn and teach hygiene. The book explains through effective and simple diagrams how to keep oneself and one's environment clean so that one can live a healthy life. The book is in tune with the UNICEF's WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - programme).

Traditional Medicines (Tamil)

The book 'Traditional Medicines' (Tamil) is part of the 'Green Rameshwaram' programme and aims to provide a comprehensive guide to derive maximum medical benefits for both chronic and common health ailments from the day to day vegetables and green plants we use and come across. The book deals such varied topics as beauty tips to first aid with green medicine. The medicinal formulations suggested here can all be made from the vegetables that are available in your own backyard or with your vegetable vendor. This is one book that can drastically reduce your medical bills and increase your household health.

Water in traditional medical system (Tamil)

The book 'Water in traditional medical system' (Tamil) is part of the 'Green Rameshwaram' programme and aims to provide a very fresh insight into the way water is considered a medicine in itself and also considered as part of the traditional medicinal formulations. The book explores the way in which the water is valued as a vital fluid of the body and hence how the traditional medical system made it important as to the times of the day water is taken in and how it is taken in etc. The book also shows how geo-water from various different sources are treated as unique and their value has been made sacrosanct through traditional veneration.